made fully rebloggable for anon. Seriously, I think a lot of people need to realise that gender equality means Men and Women are treat exactly the same and you can’t solve discrimination against women by introducing discrimination against men


Except it isn’t discrimination against men, it’s a limited arena where women are actually allowed to let off some steam for once. Literally any post you see from a woman claiming to “discriminate” against a man is just a woman responding to the amount of utter bullshit men put us through.

Do you like the way you’re treated on Tumblr?  No?  Think about what we have to deal with *every day* in the real world. 

This is by far the most stupid ass comment on my post to date. 

  1. You completely missed the point about “You don’t solve discrimination by causing more discrimination” well done, u cant read
  2. I have never ever sexually harassed or in any way discriminated against a woman so why should I be held responsible and suffer for something I didn’t do?
  3. Are you actually serious?? You’re telling me that if I get sexually harassed on here is totally fine because “women need to let off steam” you are so ignorant it hurts. Sometimes men get a bit frustrated by women, sometimes men need to let off steam, that doesn’t make it ok to go up to a woman and describe in detail how I’d like to have sex with her, which is something I’ve had on here. Just because its women doing the harassing doesn’t make it anymore serious or make me feel any less degraded by it. I am so tired of this shit.

Oh my god it’s so much scarier to be called a misogynist than it is to be the victim of misogyny!! 

Wow okay calm down. It’ll be alright. As a previous commenter said, imagine going through this harassment shit in real life, all the time, every day and being told to just suck it up because that’s just how men are. And also men are much stronger than women, so there is that added threatening element. Additionally if a man does do something, you know no one will take it seriously. That’s reality for women.

You are whining like a fucking baby. You cannot draw equivalencies between discrimination against women and discrimination against men. They are light years apart. Additionally, women don’t go about randomly attacking men, criticizing men who say horrible misogynist shit is not “oppression” or “anti-male.” We don’t go out of our ways to find pics of men to insult, we don’t swap tips on how to get creepshots of underage boys, and we don’t ever say that men deserve to be raped or killed just because they happened to have made a decision at some point that influenced the outcome. JFC you are not the subject of ubiquitous everyday discrimination and to complain about women criticizing you because it makes you feel bad makes you look weak and pathetic. 

Also, when you say you are not responsible in any way for other men being harassers and its not fair to hold you as such, it is then completely hypocritical to hold all “tumblr feminists” or “tumblr women” responsible for those very few women harassing you. Women have been given every reason to not trust men, typically by other men. Yes it is our fathers and brothers that tell us that all men care about is sex. It’s the news reports that tell us well if we get drunk with a man we should expect to be raped. If you care so much about being unfairly painted with the same brush as misogynists, maybe you should try to grasp that misogyny is literally a million times worse than “misandry.” Your ignorance of reality is no excuse in this day and age. 

Raise the flag when women swarm every single article men write with rape and death threats, okay honey boo boo? Then we might have some sympathy. The best measure of a misogynist is someone who cares more about the effect rape culture has on how women perceive him than the effect rape culture has ON ACTUAL WOMEN. 

It’s FUCKING SCARY to be a woman in life, period, so I don’t care about your irrational fear of tumblr feminists. 

I look “weak and pathetic” for speaking out against being sexually harasssed online, I swear to fucking god you are everything that is wrong with society. How fucking dare you sit there an shame me for speaking out about sexual harassment you absolutely disgust me. You are doing exactly what men do to when people write rape article, victim shaming and making the victim feel like they’re at fault you actually make me want to be sick i am so fucking angry right now. Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I have to put up with shit like that. And once again IM NOT TALKING ABOUT DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.ITS ABOUT NOT RESPONDING TO DISCRIMINATION WITH MORE HATE  I dont even know why im wasting my time on you, you’re centuries behind the rest of civilisation.

You did not read my post carefully and only saw what you wanted. I did not say men complaining about harassment and sexual abuse makes you look weak. I’m saying that complaining about discrimination against men while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge the difference between hate of women and what you call “hate” makes you look weak. You know, I think I am indeed centuries behind you because you seem to exist in a future where women are no longer treated like shit everywhere in the world. What’s it like?

oh, its great, its full of intelligent people who realise that standing up for what you believe in and speaking out against what is obviously hate and negative stereotyping doesn’t make you “weak”. Where everyone accepts that men and women are equal and what isn’t acceptable for one also isn’t acceptable for the other. And people like you who apparently support gender equality without understanding it works both ways dont exist, which is pretty cool. 

How old are you? And please show me where all of this “hate” you are talking about is. I still don’t know what you are referring to.

Feminists don’t hate men. They just have higher expectations of them than misogynists. Are women threatening to rape you? Like I said, you come across weak bc you are simultaneously complaining about women being justifiably angry, while at the same time becoming extremely angry irrationally (not referring to the harassment but to your insistence that a woman criticizing a man’s offensive attitude is somehow a form of hate). I don’t think you hate women. I just think you are ignorant about what hate actually looks like. Google search “India rape.” Then tell me how big a problem misandry is.

Honestly, I’m done because you are intent on being the victim to prove a point about women hating you unfairly. You are clearly very young and lacking in close female friends, because they would have taught you a woman’s perspective.

I’m 16, I have a lot of female friends, my best friend is female, growing up my closest friends we female. Trust me. I am know more about a womans perspective than most people. And in fact, most females on this website completely disagree with what you’re saying, which kinda says something doesnt it? So basically, the difference between criticizing and hate, is that hate is personal. I have no issue at all with women criticizing men who make offensive comments, in fact, I criticize men who make offensive comments. I have issues with comments like “all men are sexist pigs” “men are disgusting, all they ever think about is sex” with you flip it round and replace “men” with “women” you will no doubt agree that that is a hateful comment. 

so basically, you’re wrong. The fact that 9/10 people disagree with you shows how ignorant your comments are. I’m finished with this because you’re arguments are badly thought out and flimsy so you need to just stop.

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